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Dundee School of Life Sciences awarded 2017 Gold Engage Watermark

updated on 04 Oct 2023
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The University of Dundee’s School of Life Sciences has been awarded the 2017 Gold Engage Watermark, recognising their strategic support for public engagement.

Dundee School of Life Sciences team accept gold engage watermark award

The Dundee School of Life Sciences is the first university faculty to receive the Engage Watermark, after Queen Mary University of London became the first university to win such an award last year.

The Engage Watermark is awarded to institutions and faculties to recognise their strategic support for public engagement and their commitment to improve the support offered. Just as a watermark runs through the fabric of a document, an Engage Watermark indicates that engagement runs through the fabric of an institution or faculty.

Paul Manners, Co-Director of the NCCPE, said:

“We were delighted to pilot the Faculty Watermark with Dundee School of Life Sciences. This rigorous process looks at all aspects of support faculties provide to stimulate high quality mutually beneficial public engagement with research.

"We were pleased to see exemplary professional support, and a culture in which creativity and innovation were flourishing, enriching the research and bringing real value to the many communities they engage with.  The School provides a gold standard which we hope will inspire others to make a long term, concerted commitment to public engagement”.

Professor Sir Pete Downes, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University, said:

“This award demonstrates the fantastic work and commitment to public engagement by the School of Life Sciences that has been built up over several years.

“Their achievement and approach to public engagement including partnership working with others across the University, the City of Dundee and beyond reflects our core University values of working together as a community, making a difference and pursuing excellence.”

Public engagement undertaken by the School of Life Sciences includes engaging local schools and patient groups on scientific topics and providing career-long professional learning opportunities for local teachers. Many of the successful flagship projects led by the School are built on strong creative collaborations with key partners within the university and in the local community.