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Teesside University

updated on 03 Oct 2023
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Why we've signed the Manifesto

"Teesside University was founded with a mission to transform lives and economies and plays a critical role as an anchor institution delivering positive social impact. The principles of the Manifesto are a natural fit and we are delighted to be working more closely with the NCCPE on this agenda."

- Professor Paul Croney, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive

Our approach to public engagement

For Teesside University, working in collaboration and responding to economic, societal and cultural challenges underpins everything we do. Founded with a mission to transform lives, Teesside listens, consults and co-creates, acts as a champion and focuses on delivering positive social impact.

Public engagement is a core theme in the university's approach to corporate social responsibility and an action plan is in place to ensure the infrastructure for engagement- from supporting, recognising and rewarding engaged staff and students, through to ensuring excellent evaluation- is embedded.

Our public engagement hallmark

We are particularly proud of the fact that our engagement ethos is completely authentic and that once we started looking, we just kept finding fantastic examples of engaged practice that are happening completely organically.

Our public engagement talking point

We'd love to see more acceptance of the spectrum of engagement and the commonalities between work that seems to sit under different banners, but could so easily be integrated for great impact.

Our public engagement people

The Curve, The Teesside flagship teaching building

Dr Jo Heaton-Marriott leads communications, engagement and social responsibility.

She is devising a new CSR approach for Teesside and has ensured that public engagement sits at the heart of this. Jo is currently working on a new public festival for Teesside, bringing her experience over ten years in the public engagement sector to dial up the visibility of the excellent work across the university..


Name: Dr Jo Heaton-Marriott

Title: Director of Corporate Communications and Public Relations