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Lancaster University

updated on 23 Aug 2023
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Why we've signed the Manifesto

"Since its inception, Lancaster University’s strategy has placed equal emphasis on engagement, research and education. The University’s strategic plan sets out our vision to deliver the highest quality research, teaching and student experience, and to engage locally, nationally and internationally, using our collective capabilities as a force for good. Lancaster was an early signatory to the Civic University Agreement programme and the NCCPE Manifesto for Public Engagement, and is committed to fulfilling our civic role across Lancaster District, Morecambe Bay and the wider North West."

Professor Andy Schofield, Vice-Chancellor

Our approach to public engagement

We seek to undertake research that transforms practice and thinking, with a supporting initiative to drive forward the quality and impact of our research by means of our public engagement activities. We engage actively with our communities, working with partners to co-create positive economic, cultural, societal and environmental change, and to inform and stimulate our research and teaching. Our strategic priorities are underpinned by our values to respect each other, build strong communities and create positive change.

Our engagement priority is led by our Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Engagement and includes:

  • building innovative, interdependent relationships with key partners and civic leaders to understand local needs and contribute expertise and resources for economic, cultural and societal benefit
  • supporting public and community engagement related to, and driven by, research and education
  • encouraging community access to our teaching, research and social facilities and assets
  • embedding a culture of engagement

We are investing in a dedicated cross-institutional team to lead, facilitate and embed a strong public engagement culture. This includes the establishment of a Public and Community Engagement Network to support the development and sharing of good practice across the University, providing advice and guidance to researchers on how to co-develop and deliver high quality public engagement with research, and reviewing and enhancing training to support public engagement practice. We will also share practice more widely through the Knowledge Exchange Framework and Concordat, and through sector networks.

Our public engagement people

Jess Shaw is the Public Engagement Manager and the operational lead for engagement. Contact Jess at

Sarah Kemp is Pro Vice Chancellor for Engagement and the senior lead for engagement. contact Sarah at


Sarah Rees, Head of Stakeholder Relations -