Manifesto Signatory

Goldsmiths, University of London

updated on 03 Nov 2023
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Why we've signed the Manifesto

"We’re proud of our public culture and are committed to making our research, scholarship and practice come to life in the world. That’s why we’re signatories to the NCCPE’s Manifesto for Public Engagement. Our academic community is committed to engaging a broad range of publics in a positive, mutually beneficial exchange of ideas in a creative, socially conscious way."

Patrick Loughrey, Warden of Goldsmiths, University of London

Our approach to public engagement

Co-Chaired by the Academic Lead for Public Engagement and the Public Engagement Manager, Goldsmiths’ Public Engagement Advisory Group (PEAG) is responsible for defining and implementing our Public Engagement Strategy. Composed of academics at all career stages and relevant professional services staff, it is supported by a wider network of representatives in each academic department.

The Group is responsible for allocating seed funding through our annual Public Engagement Grants call, recognising excellence at the Warden’s Annual Public Engagement Awards, defining and delivering training and supporting resources, as well as managing opportunities for academics to get involved in public engagement.

Our public engagement hallmark

Goldsmiths is a place where theory and creative and professional practice are often interrelated, with a range of well-established applied, collaborative and socially engaged research methods employed across our academic Departments. 

Drawing on these traditions and sector best practice, we aim to nurture and embed a sustainable culture of public engagement that reflects our history as a hotbed of creativity and radical thought. Social justice and creative practice are at the heart what we do.

Our public engagement talking point

image of professor stuart hall

"Against the urgency of people dying in the streets, what in god's name is the point of [insert academic discipline here]?...At that point, I think anybody who is into [insert academic discipline here] seriously as an intellectual practice, must feel, on their pulse, its ephemerality, its insubstantiality, how little it registers, how little we've been able to change anything or get anybody to do anything. If you don't feel that as one tension in the work that you are doing, theory has let you off the hook."

Professor Stuart Hall (1932–2014)

Our public engagement people

Dr John Price is head of Goldsmiths’ Department of History and Academic Lead for public engagement. He co-chairs the Public Engagement Advisory Group (PEAG) and has significant experience leading large-scale public engagement projects. 

John’s primary area of research is ‘everyday’ heroism, acts of life-risking bravery undertaken by civilians in commonplace surroundings. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and the Chairman of the Friends of the Watts Memorial - an organization responsible for protecting an important piece of London’s history.

John participates in various public engagement activities including History Showoff, the Being Human Festival and various talks, presentations and activities around the Watts Memorial. From 2015-17 he led a large-scale engagement project exploring how should we remember the protests and civil disturbances that have become known as the Battle of Lewisham.


Will Cenci, Public Engagement Manager