Engage Festival 2020

Engage Festival 2020: Engagement, innovation and change

We’re delighted to invite you to join us for Engage 2020! With Covid-19 redefining our world, there has never been a more important time to stay connected, so we are doing Engage a bit differently this year…..

The Engage Festival is an online extravaganza that will take place from Monday 30th November – Friday 4th of December. Bringing together all of those keen to support the role of public engagement in reimagining our world, the programme is the ultimate in tailorable experiences, with delegates being able to develop their own programme that fits their interests and their availability.

Everyone’s experience of our current context is different, and we have therefore timetabled our content to be suitable for a range of availabilities and engagement preferences. We are expecting people to curate their own unique engagement experience, picking and choosing from the options on offer – and enabling a conference that is tailored to you.

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Engage 2020 Themes

Engage 2020 will explore these questions:

  • What is the role of universities in our rapidly changing context? With Covid-19 changing the face of society, how can we reimagine the contribution universities can  make? What is the role of public engagement in how universities respond?
  • As we develop new approaches to engagement, how can we ensure that our work is inclusive, and appropriate to the interests and needs of those we work with? Are our emergent practices creating new barriers to engagement, and how can we respond to this?
  • As we start the process of social, economic and cultural recovery, how we can work in partnership with others to generate and share knowledge together? How can we find ways to support engagement practice, in the face of reduced funding, and increased pressure on communities?

In a context where the very fabric of society as we know it is changing; where predictions about the future are contested and uncertain; and where engagement and collaboration is needed to lay the foundations for all our futures, this conference will provide a place to explore, be challenged, and to dream. 

We welcome poets, artists, thinkers, practitioners, funders, policy makers, dreamers, pragmatists, communities, publics, patients, to come and join us at the festival – to share perspectives, and to reflect on the future of engagement in a Covid-19 world.

Ticket pricing

Bookings will open in October, and we're delighted to announce the Engage 2020 Full Week Pass, giving you access to all of the online plenaries, workshops, networking and events. With 5 days of content, there will hopefully be sessions to suit all interests, and availabilities – enabling participants to curate their own Engage experience across the week. There are two pricing tiers for this pass, which we hope will ensure the festival is open and accessible for anyone who wants to participate.

Full price: £120 + VAT - This ticket price is intended for those attending from HEIs, funding bodies, other public or private sector organisations. 
Freelancer and charity discount: £75 + VAT - This discounted ticket price is intended for freelancers, staff from charities, volunteer organisations, and other third-sector organisations

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