Photo of Tanvir Bush smiling with her guide dog

Tanvir Bush

Engage Fellow

My name is Tanvir Bush and I’m a writer, Research Fellow at Bath Spa University and disabled activist based in Corsham, Wiltshire. I am also a co-opted town councillor for Corsham.

My project focuses on exploring (disabled-led) creative public engagement methods at the intersection of disability, academia and local government. Utilising compassionate empathy and the power of our lived experiences as disabled people, we aim to ignite discussion, widen understanding and inspire transformational inclusion i.e. no longer ‘us and them’ but just ‘us’.  No longer ‘ what can we do to help you?’ but instead ‘what can we all do to help each other?’

I see future engagement being fully inclusive and, by dint of imagination and creativity,  becoming responsive to the needs of all within the community.