Photo of Ima looking away from the camera

Professor Dr Ima Jackson PhD BSc RM RGN

Professor of Community Engagement in Research - GCU

Ima Jackson is a community engaged researcher. Over the last 20 years as unprecedented migration has changed Scotland’s demography her work has built from working with those who are marginalised and adversely racialised within our systems and structures. Her work is based in developing anti racism practice within the wider frame of social justice. Her research and policy work aims to disrupt usual process by supporting communities evidence their experiences of systemic marginalisation and racialisation through research for those that make decisions about them in research, policy and service delivery.

She works in a pragmatic way across health including health data, education, the cultural sector, skills and employability. Valuing the work of creatives to help build societal understanding of this complex, difficult and nuanced work is embedded in all aspects. Her work informs research processes, policy and service provision both nationally and internationally. 


Photo credit: Daric Smith