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Invitation to get involved

Engage 2015


There are four key ways you can get involved in the Engage 2015 conference programme:

  • As a plenary table host
  • As a ‘time out’ convenor
  • As a workshop leader
  • At our poster party

More details of each role are provided below.

The deadline for submissions is 7th September. We will notify you if you have been successful by the end of September.

If you are successful in your application to contribute to the conference you may be eligible for a discount on the conference fee (see details in each section below) but please note, if you contribute more than one thing to the conference you will only be eligible for one discount.

For general enquiries please contact

    • Our plenary sessions form the core of the content for Engage 2015, and will provide a mix of plenary content from our invited keynote speakers / panellists interwoven with café-style conversations involving all our delegates. We are looking for table hosts to play an active role in building constructive conversations that allow all our delegates to get deeply involved.

      We invite the table hosts to:
    • ~ Bring their own distinctive expertise to one of the three key topics (see below)
    • ~ Be prepared to share a short (8 minute) story about their own practice and learning, to animate the conversation
      ~ Facilitate conversations on their tables, supported by a discussion guide which we will share in advance of the session
      ~ Ensure that the key points raised get captured to feed into a post-conference publication

      The topics are:
    • ~ Involving publics in controversial areas of research: we are looking for people with experience of involving publics to shape and inform research practice, ideally in the area of health or biomedicine, but we would also welcome involvement from people with expertise in devising and running public dialogue / deliberation in other controversial domains. We are keen to find people who have invested in long term engagement throughout the research cycle.
      ~ Funding policy and strategy: we will be exploring how to incentivise and commission research that ‘makes a difference’. We would like to involve hosts who work as research funders, policy makers or in strategic management roles in research institutes / universities, who have experience in this area and an interest in how to commission and resource engaged research.
      ~ Investigating the dynamics of responsible research across different discipline areas: for this topic, we would welcome hosts who have thought long and hard about the relationship between theory and practice in public engagement and engaged research. Our plenary speakers will challenge us to critique our practice and to think through the implications of trying to develop robust new knowledge in ways that are also deeply sensitive to social and ethical considerations.

      Table hosts can expect a 10% discount on the conference fee.
    • Time out sessions are meant to provide a reflective space for delegates to enter guided conversations about theory and practice. They are about creating purposeful and structured explorations that illuminate our collective work. We are looking for time out hosts who can do two things: share succinctly and imaginatively a really interesting area of fresh thinking, and then facilitate a lively discussion in which delegates are able to build deeper understanding of the topic. Time out sessions will last 60 minutes.

      We trust you will have creative ideas about how to format these conversations, and we will work with you to find the right kind of space and resources to do so. Time out hosts should ensure that they involve their collaborators in developing and hosting the session. We are keen to encourage those working outside of HE to participate in hosting or co-hosting time out sessions.

      Examples of the kind of content we would be interested in:
    • ~ You have conducted a piece of research / consultation into an area of engaged research practice and want to share the findings of that research, and to discuss the implications with delegates.
      ~ You have completed a project which illuminates the conference topic in an original or insightful way, perhaps to do with innovative approaches to engaged research, or perhaps to do with galvanising culture change. You want to share what you did and what you learned and to seek input from delegates to place your work in a broader context.
      ~ You have plans, perhaps for a new network or publishing platform or strategic intervention, which you think could help transform or shift our collective work in interesting new directions. You would like to share your thinking and invite people to build on it.
      ~ You are developing a new line of thinking, perhaps a critique of current policy or a new area for research, which you think could potentially make a big difference. You want to rehearse your thinking and test it, perhaps to stir up some controversy and ruffle some feathers!

      ‘Time out’ hosts can expect a 10% discount on the conference fee.
    • We have slots for up to six workshops. The slots are for 60 minutes and we expect that they will take place on the 3rd December, running in parallel. We want delegates to experience an exceptional learning experience, facilitated by experienced trainers / teachers, in areas relevant to the conference theme: collaborative research. We assume that workshops will be based upon existing or tried and tested resources - perhaps offering a taster of a longer and more in depth training course. We expect partners involved in the work being presented to be involved in developing the workshop and in co-delivering it. We hope that the sessions will inspire delegates to either integrate aspects of the workshops in their own institution’s professional development provision, or to attend further training / development in the featured topics.

      Examples of the kind of content we would be interested in include:
    • ~ Planning for research with impact
      ~ Methods for mobilising knowledge through engagement
      ~ Evaluating impacts arising from engagement with research
      ~ Managing complex research collaborations
      ~ Working effectively with particular publics – e.g. community organisations; cultural venues; schools etc.

      Workshop hosts can expect a 10% discount on the conference fee, for up to two people.
    • Our poster party has become something of a feature at Engage – a really relaxed, informal space for people to mingle, share practice and make new connections.

      This year the poster session will be taking place between 4.30pm and 6.30pm on December 2nd. You will need to be available between those times to host your poster and meet other delegates. Posters can be hosted by more than one person, and we encourage poster hosts to involve their collaborators in developing and hosting the poster. Drinks and canapés will be served during the poster session. You will be expected to produce an A1 size poster, portrait orientation.

      We are interested in posters which illuminate the many facets of engaged research, for example:
    • ~ Sharing lessons learned from projects which have built strong research collaborations
      ~ Sharing resources or tools which you have created to help build more effective collaborations
      ~ Sharing the findings of reviews or original research into the dynamics of engaged research
      ~ Inviting conversations about topics you find particularly interesting or challenging

      Poster hosts can expect a 10% discount on the conference fee.