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Project beginnings

Project Beginnings

The project was started by Kim Aumann (Boing, Boing) and Angie Hart (University of Brighton). Following extensive experience of community university partnership working, they were interested in creating a national forum for community partners working with universities to come together, to enhance their practice, and to address some of the inequalities in community university partnerships.

In partnership with the NCCPE and CUPP, funding was sought to explore whether this need was shared with others working with universities. The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Connected Communities Programme (CCP) provided funding to explore potential interest in the development of a national network.

Our task was to set the foundation for a UK wide community partner network that could influence Higher Education policy and practice and provide resources for improving community-university partnerships focused on tackling inequalities. We wanted to identify and develop ways to create mutually beneficial and sustainable partnerships. With the support, guidance and help of a range of people committed to the development of the UKCPN a range of activity was undertaken, and the UKCPN is now launched.

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