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Leading for Impact

Are you responsible for leading impact strategy for your university or research organisation? If so you will know that navigating the political landscape, balancing the real demands of funding requirements with resources available, and equipping staff to do impactful research is difficult terrain. With uncertainties about the future of the Research Excellence Framework; the concern that evidencing impact is time consuming and sometimes impossible; and pressures on time and resource – this work can be really challenging.

Yet excellent research is often impactful research – and unlocking the potential from your research base to really make a positive difference in the world can be hugely rewarding. So how do we capture the value of all this work?

If these are questions you are tackling, the Leading for Impact programme could be just what you are looking for. Aimed specifically at high level leaders within higher education institutions, this tailored course will inspire you to develop a research culture where impact thrives; develop effective approaches to impactful research – including partnership management, recording and evaluating impact, and skills development for key staff; and allow you to benefit from the insights of people who are leading for impact inside and outside higher education.

  • Who is it for?
    • Leading for Impact is a senior leadership programme aimed at those leading impact strategy at an institutional or faculty level. The programme will suit experienced leaders who are keen to develop a culture that supports engagement and impact. You may be a pro vice-chancellor, service director, director of research institutes, or have a related leadership role.
  • Objectives for participants
    • The Leading for Impact programme will give you the tools and techniques to ensure your institution or department delivers impactful research that makes a positive difference to society.
      As a course participant you will have the opportunity to:
    • ~ Meet key policy makers including research funders who are setting the agenda for impact in the UK
    • ~ Participate in seminars with leaders of impact from international and non-HE contexts
    • ~ Explore the dimensions of developing a culture to support impactful research – and the many ways this can be supported
    • ~ Understand the key ingredients for impactful research across all research disciplines, and how to cultivate these within your institution
    • ~ Tackle some of the key challenges in realising impact, and gain valuable insights into how to lead this challenging agenda
    • ~ Understand the key challenges in planning and evidencing impact arising from research, and explore different tools and methods to facilitate this

    • Objectives
    • As a course participant, you will be able to develop:
    • ~ A wider and deeper understanding of the cultural factors necessary to develop impactful research and how these might be realised
    • ~ Confidence in your skills as an engagement and impact leader working in a complex environment
    • ~ A better understanding of how impactful research is nurtured, supported and evidenced across all research disciplines
    • ~ Practical tools to reflect on and enhance your leadership of impact and engagement in a safe interactive environment
    • As a course participant you will benefit from:
    • ~ Membership of a supportive cohort of peers from across the sector all working to embed engagement and impact into research culture and process
    • ~ Developing your own approach to embedding impact in line with the strategic aims of your institution or department
  • Benefits for supporting institutions
    • Investing in strategic leaders of impact will benefit institutions in a variety of ways including:
    • ~ Providing them with a more informed and capable leader able to lead the impact and engagement agenda for the department/ institution
    • ~ Practical progress on developing a research culture that supports effective engagement leading to impact
    • ~ An evidence base to inform decision making about embedding support for societal engagement 
  • What will the programme include?
    • Leading for impact is a tailored programme, addressing the interests and needs of the participants. The programme includes:
    • ~ 2.5 core days capturing the essentials of developing a culture for impact, with input from policy makers and impact leaders
    • ~ 4 online seminars with input from international impact leaders and policy makers from the UK
    • ~ Up to 2 days of NCCPE mentor support (which is tailored to the interests and needs of the individual and could include running an event at your institution; one to one phone mentoring etc.)
    • ~ Access to a range of resources developed specifically for this programme
    • ~ Opportunity to participate in a bespoke session at the NCCPE Engage conference 
  • Course Leaders
    • The course will be led by the leaders of the NCCPE - Paul Manners and Sophie Duncan. Together they have significant experience of culture change within higher education, offering bespoke support to university leaders to develop cultures that support impactful research. With specific expertise in engagement with society, they have developed an in depth understanding of the role of engagement in impact. They are currently reviewing the REF case studies to explore the texture of how engagement has led to impact, and what we can learn from the case studies submitted.

    • Paul Manners - the NCCPE's founding director - has led the centre for the last 8 years. He is called on to advise and support policy makers, university leaders, and non HE organisations in their engagement and impact work. He has played a key role in advising on the REF.

    • Sophie Duncan - the NCCPE's deputy director - draws on her significant experience outside of higher education, where she has led engagement campaigns for the BBC; led on content development for the Science Museum and was one of the core team delivering Science Year. In all these roles she has developed effective approaches to delivering measurable impact from the engagement work she has led. Since joining the NCCPE Sophie has been responsible for developing the NCCPE training programme, including the Public Engagement Academy, and facilitates workshops with research leaders across the UK and internationally. She is fascinated by the catalytic value of partnership with higher education, and hosts the UK Community Partner Network, and leads projects looking at how to develop more systemic support for school and museums to work with universities. She co-edits the Research for All journal.
  • Mentors
    • The NCCPE has a team of experienced Associates who work across the UK. We plan to draw on this team of experts to support the delegates on the course. Given the bespoke nature of the course, we will approach mentors relevant to the interests and needs of course participants.
  • Dates
    • First meeting
    • 11-12 October 2016 (course starts at 3pm on 11 October and finishes at 4.30pm on 12 October): Bristol 

    • Online seminars
    • 6 December 2016 (2pm-4pm)
    • 24 January 2017 (2pm-4pm)
    • 15 February 2017 (10am-12pm)
    • 15 March 2017 (10am-12pm)

    • Second meeting
    • 6 April (all day): London

    • If the above dates are not suitable, please contact Claire Wood, who will let you know when we launch the dates of the next programme.
  • Fees
    • Programme Fee (Manifesto Signatories): £2550
    • Programme Fee (Non Manifesto Signatories): £2950

    • The programme fee includes all costs associated with:
    • ~ Dinner, accommodation and breakfast for 11-12 October (accommodation on the evening of the 11 October)
    • ~ Lunch and refreshments for the first and second meetings
    • ~ All sessions including 4 online seminars
    • ~ Materials
    • ~ External speakers
    • ~ Access to bespoke mentor support (provided by course leaders, and NCCPE Associates) 
  • Booking
    • Please complete this form to register for 'Leading for Impact'. Contact Claire with any queries.