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Ambassador Scheme

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The NCCPE Public Engagement Ambassador Scheme aims to improve the quality of higher education public engagement practice, by supporting individuals who coordinate relevant networks across the UK.

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to be part of a national network, sharing knowledge and experience with their peers and participating in events including training, networking and ideas exchange.

We are always looking for new Ambassadors to join the scheme. If you currently run or coordinate a network that is relevant to public engagement in higher education in the UK, then we would welcome your application.

Apply to the Ambassador Scheme

  • What’s the purpose of the scheme?
    • To improve the quality of higher education public engagement practice in the UK by:
    • ~ Supporting and realising the potential of relevant networks
    • ~ Providing access to a range of NCCPE resources and training
    • ~ Sharing knowledge and information
    • ~ Equipping individuals to increase their public engagement skills
  • Networks
    • To join the scheme, Ambassadors must already run or coordinate a network that is relevant to public engagement in higher education in the UK. A network could be an online space, email list, or a group that meets physically or virtually. This could, for example, be an informal email list of people interested in public engagement or participating in public engagement related activity, or a more formal network of people working together on a regular basis. Find out more about the networks associated with the scheme.
  • Ambassadors
    • As part of the scheme, Ambassadors will:
    • ~ Be able to participate in a regional event including training, networking, and ideas exchange
    • ~ Have access to NCCPE training and resources through regional events
    • ~ Contribute their knowledge and experience to supporting other members of the scheme
    • ~ Have access to the latest information relating to HE PE to share with their networks
    • ~ Have an opportunity to shape NCCPE work and resources development
  • Regional Ambassadors
    • Our Regional Ambassadors work with the NCCPE to facilitate the scheme and organise events. Our Regional Ambassadors for 2017 have already been recruited:
    • ~ Alex Hale (Scotland)
    • ~ Eimear Barrett (Northern Ireland)
    • ~ Penny Vincent (North England and Wales)
    • ~ Chloe Anderson (South West England and Wales)
    • ~ David Hutchinson (South England)
  • How to apply
    • To apply to be part of the Ambassador Scheme, please complete our application webform. We will review your application and follow up with you via email. If successful, we will introduce you to your Regional Ambassador.

Please send any enquiries to Laura Steele via