What Works call for evidence: Public Engagement and the Arts

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Thank you for contributing to our call for evidence. We welcome submissions from artists, researchers, Public Engagement Professionals, and anyone else working to support collaborative working in this space.

Submitted evidence could take the form of:

  • Case studies of practice – this can include links to webpages, reports etc. We are keen to hear about great examples of where this can work well
  • Tools or resources that have been developed to help support academics and artists to work together
  • Organisations and individuals within and outside of HE doing interesting work in this space
  • Articles relating to this topic
  • Key individuals who have expertise in artist researcher collaborations
  • Questions, reflections, points you would like to see reflected in our guide
  • Other responses to our desk research

Please note, we plan to synthesise the learning from contributions during the ‘What Works’ event and will credit contributors when their work is included in the toolkit. We will share the outputs from this work via the NCCPE mailing list under a creative commons licence – where people can make use of the resource for non-commercial educational purposes, as long as they credit where it came from. Please only submit evidence if you are happy for your content to be used in this way. If not, or for further information please email maddy.foard@uwe.ac.uk who will be pleased to help.

Your personal data will only be shared without your permission when required or permitted by law, for example if there is a serious risk of harm to you or others. Your data will be kept for up to ten years, except for photographs which may be shared online or in print and which will be kept indefinitely.

Once given, you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting nccpe.enquiries@uwe.ac.uk. All personal data is processed in accordance with the applicable UK data protection legislation. The joint Data Controllers are UWE Bristol and University of Bristol. For data protection queries, please write to dataprotection@uwe.ac.uk.