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NCCPE training enquiries

Thank you for your interest in NCCPE training. We have a suite of 'off-the-shelf' courses available, each of which have been piloted and evaluated before being rolled out across the UK. Each course is designed to be stimulating, rigorous and highly interactive with opportunities for group work, discussion and debate. We can also work with you to create a bespoke course for your delegates, tailored to particular contexts or subject areas; organise a session that combines elements from our existing courses; or develop brand new content (additional development costs may apply).

Please complete the following form in as much detail as you're able and we will be in touch to discuss your enquiry soon. Please contact if you have any questions.

Please note, that when possible we like to have a 12 week lead time for event delivery. This gives us the opportunity to work with you on the session content and improves the chances of trainer availability. However, we will do our best to fulfill requests at shorter notice.
The interactive, small-group feel of our sessions means that one trainer is required for groups of 1-19 participants and two trainers for 20-40 participants
e.g. roles and career stage; previous experience of public engagement; research background