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Planning for change

This part of the website provides guidance about how to go about embedding public engagement. You can explore each of the main focal points in-depth on the left hand side.

Running a change process

If you want to see your institution or department change, then it helps to consider the process of change itself. By standing back, you can work through how you, and those you are working with, think change happens as this will inform where you target your effort.

There are lots of ways to do this, and tools that can inform your approach. One option is to use a logic modelling approach to map out what you hope to change, what you are going to do to inform that change, and how you will know if you have been successful. Remember, you don't have to go it alone. The NCCPE can offer support and advice to institutions wanting to develop a culture that supports engagement.

Tackling the focal points

The self assessment section introduced the EDGE tool, which provides an overarching framework of nine focal points that need to be addressed when creating a culture that is supportive of public engagement.

This section provides more in-depth support to tackle each of these focal points. For each one there is an additional self-assessment tool, which allows you to drill deeper into your institution’s support in each area, for instance to look in detail at how effectively your leadership is helping engagement to thrive.

Each focal point you can follow the stories of how different institutions have addressed the various challenges; and access links to a host of case studies, resources and contact points to help you plan your own distinctive approach.