The London School of Economics and Political Science

Why we've signed the Manifesto

"Public engagement is in the DNA of LSE, a university established and dedicated to discovering the ‘causes of things’.  LSE is a world leading university and global thought leader committed to tackling domestic and global issues in order to better our society and the world around us and one of the key ways we do that is through public engagement. We recognise the value of inclusivity. Not all the answers exist in the narrow strata of academia and much can be gained by connecting our work to the world around us. We want to share our research, but we also want to involve the public in its development. We want to be accessible, informative and interactive.”

Professor Craig Calhoun, LSE Director

Our approach to public engagement

LSE is a world leading social science university and global thought leader committed to tackling domestic and global issues in order to better our society and the world around us. Founded in 1895 to create and share knowledge addressing major social challenges, the School works through research, education, creative intellectual debate and public engagement. Our mission is to advance knowledge in social science and a range of related fields so as to inform public policy, economic decision-making, and social welfare both nationally and globally.

LSE prospectus

LSE seeks to make a positive difference to the world by bringing research-based knowledge to public problems and educating students with
the capacity to lead in solving those problems. This means nurturing thought and intellectual exploration in students from all backgrounds and around the world to be critical and skilled professionals who work for the betterment of society.

LSE leads on a local, national and global scale, recognising that we must listen and engage with the world in order live up to our motto: Rerum cognoscere causas – “to know the causes of things”. We are not an ivory tower and our research impacts both national and international policy design and development, through our relationships and influence in politics, business and law. LSE academics are consistently at the forefront of both national and international government consultations, reviews and policy, including representation on the UK Airports Commission, Independent Police Commission, Migration Advisory Committee, UN Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation and London Finance Committee. Recently we have been advising governments in India, China and Columbia and our International Growth Centre works to promote sustainable growth in developing countries, using demand led policy advice.

We have made a formal commitment to public engagement in our LSE 2020 strategy and by signing the NCCPE manifesto we are again demonstrating that public engagement is at the heart of our mission at LSE.


Name: Adrian Thomas

Title: Director of Communications and Public Affairs