Reimagining School-University Partnerships: Registration

Event registration

Thank you for your interest in Reimagining School-University Partnerships: the SUPI programme, which is due to take place from 10am-4pm on Thursday 5th October at Woburn House, London. You can reserve your place and answer our call for contributions by completing this form.

If you have partners or colleagues who may be interested in attending, please supply further details below, and we will send them a personalised invitation.

Call for contributors

There are a range of opportunities to be involved, from telling the story of your project and some of the challenges you've overcome; to hosting a workshop; convening a discussion; or participating as a panellist or speaker. We're also looking for people to act as reporters and blog or tweet about their experiences on the day. You can volunteer to take part in as many different ways as you would like - and we would appreciate your flexibility where possible, so that we can ensure a rich and well-balanced programme.

Please submit your application by Monday 11th September 2017. Please contact if you have any questions.

N.B. This application cannot be saved and returned to at a later date, nor can it be retrieved in the event of an internet connection error or timeout. You may wish to prepare your submission in a separate document.

Your details

A limited number of bursaries are available to support participation in this event and we are also interested in exploring opportunities for school students be involved remotely. Indicate your interest here and we will get in touch to discuss this further.

Your contribution

We are delighted that you would like to contribute to this skills sharing event. Please provide details of your proposed contribution below.

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Additional facilitators

Please use this section to add the details of anyone else who will be involved in delivering your contribution. We are keen to encourage participation from representatives on both sides of the school-university partnership where possible, although we acknowledge the challenges of doing so. A limited number of bursaries will be available to support teachers to participate.