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We help universities engage with the public

Why engage?

Deciding the purpose of your engagement

Public engagement describes a range of approaches that universities or research institutes can take to involve the public with their work. Here are just a few of the possible reasons for engaging with the public:

  • to inspire school children, adults or families to take an interest in your subject area or discipline
  • to disseminate the results of your research
  • to involve the public in helping formulate a research question or project
  • to consult the public on their views about your work
  • to encourage people to help you do your research
  • to collaborate with the public in developing and running a project or activity

We have categorised these into three broad, if often overlapping, purposes that engagement can serve:

Informing: Inspiring, informing and educating the public, and making the work of higher education more accessible

Consulting: Actively listening to the public's views, concerns and insights

Collaborating: Working in partnership with the public to solve problems together, drawing on each other's expertise

Launch of the DrugsFutures project, bringing together specialists and non-specialists to shape the future of drugs policy through consultation, BA/Laura Mtungwazi