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University of Exeter hosted SUPI

Empowering Partnerships: Enabling Engagement

Principal Investigator: Professor Debra Myhill

Title: Empowering Partnerships: Enabling Engagement

Lead schools: Kingsbridge Community College (Kingsbridge), Torquay Girls’ Grammar School (Torquay), The Woodroffe School (Lyme Regis, Dorset), Mullion School (Mullion, Cornwall)

Original project proposal

The Empowering Partnerships: Enabling Engagement project will be structured around four research themes: Science and Mathematics; Technology and Engineering; Philosophy of Contemporary Dilemmas; and Economic Understanding. These four themes reflect cutting-edge research activity: the Environment and Sustainability Institute in Cornwall; the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing; the EGENIS Centre researching the social impacts of genomic science; and the Centre for Risk and Ambiguity in economics. These are well-aligned to the secondary school curriculum, and are key areas for the future which students will need as they mature and become active citizens. Each theme will be the focus for one lead school and its cluster schools, located in four different areas of the South West.

Each theme will be led by a core team of three experts, a subject academic who is a leading researcher in that theme, an education expert from the Graduate School of Education, and a teacher from the lead school in each theme. This core group will act as co-ordinating leads for the project but will draw on the expertise of other academics in the topic area, particularly early career researchers, as appropriate. The lead teacher will work actively with at least 5 other teachers across the schools cluster, acting as the co-ordinating link between schools and the university. The core team will collaborate to develop an engagement plan of activities for the project and a legacy plan for beyond the lifespan of the project.

Project contact: Professor Debra Myhill ( and Dr Alison Black (  

Associated case study: 
Are you a cyborg?
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