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Following on from the School-University Partnership Initiative meeting in June 2013, a list of useful resources has been compiled. If you know of any other resources that could be added to this table, please contact




Guides and tools


STEM ambassador training guides

Guides are available to those who join the scheme.

Institute of Physics evaluation guide

Some of the most commonly encountered issues in public engagement with science and technology evaluation, and some of the ways in which they can be resolved. physics/file_39584.pdf

RCUK Pathways to Impact guide

Guidance and resources.

STEM directories

Find STEM experiences for classrooms.

National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement Edge tool

A self-assessment tool to look at how well your organisation does public engagement.


Wellcome Trust educational resources

Searchable database of science resources for teachers.

Open University School-University Engagement resources

A guide to planning public lectures, research cafes and participatory design projects



CREST awards

Britain's largest national award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects.



Institute of Physics Schools Outreach Support Network

Community of outreach and schools liaison officers who want to build effective and sustainable links with their local schools and colleges. page_53446.html

STEM ambassadors


Institute of Physics grants
Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) grants
Royal Society grants and partnership grants

Closing the Gap

Test and learn initiative starting in September 2013 for 2 academic years, using an Randomised Controlled Trial approach to test interventions that have the potential to close the attainment gap.



Wellcome Trust informal learning project

Two pieces of work to review informal learning.

Learning and Life Chances in Knowledge Economies and Societies (LLAKES)

This Research Centre investigates the role of lifelong learning in promoting economic competitiveness and social cohesion, and in mediating the interactions between the two.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Addressing the question of how technology can be designed and built so that it improves learning and how to improve the quality of formal and informal learning, and to make accessible forms of knowledge that were simply inaccessible before.

Targeted Initiative on Science and Mathematics Education (TISME)

Aims to find new ways to encourage children and young people to greater participation, engagement, achievement and understanding of Science and Mathematics.

Social Science for Schools

A website highlighting cutting edge social science research to secondary level teachers.

STEMNET extension into higher education

Seven UK universities selected to access the STEM Ambassadors programme. The project aims to increase undergraduates’ understanding of STEM career options post-university.

ESRC research syntheses

As part of Science in Society, ESRC have commissioned reviews aiming to summarise what is already known from published and current research, and to highlight what further research questions remain.

ESRC evaluation studies

Evaluation of the Teaching and Learning Research Programme.

Wellcome Trust researcher public engagement support

Case studies


ESRC case studies

Education and skills impact case studies.

Schools seismology projects

Run by NERC's British Geological Society.

Discovering Anatarctica

Run by NERC's British Antarctic Survey.

Citizen science project examples

Run by NERC's Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.

Authentic Biology

Blog about scientific research in the hands of A-level students - 5 years on.

I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here

Free online event where school students get to meet and interact with scientists.

Ignition Lab 13

A lab managed by young people for young people where they can experiment, play, invent, design, solve problems, explore, work alongside a scientist/designer/engineer in residence.

Institute of Physics projects in education and outreach

Resources, links and information about the various support networks available.