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University of Liverpool

“The University views public engagement with research as an underpinning ethos – a way in which we go about our business – rather than an add-on activity. Effective relationships with people and organisations from a broad range of sectors and backgrounds enable us to extend our reach and enhance our impact. They also provide our students and staff with truly rewarding experiences and a whole range of distinctive opportunities to achieve research and teaching excellence.”

Prof. Dinah Birch, PVC for Research & Impact and Principal Investigator for CSF at Liverpool.

The University is actively committed to public engagement, and has signed the NCCPE Manifesto for public engagement. At Liverpool, we recognise that an engaged approach is not only important in delivering public benefit from our work, but moreover, it is essential for the creation of excellent research.

Through our engagement with RCUK’s Catalyst Seed Fund (CSF) programme, the University has made considerable progress towards becoming fully engaged. We have firmly set the foundation for a culture of public engagement with research to become embedded in all of our outputs. We have made numerous changes to our practices and procedures already, as well as identifying the remaining challenges. It is understood that the transition to a completely engaged institution will take time beyond CSF, and that our project is a work in progress – work to which we are fully committed.

As we move forward, our CSF work will allow us to:

  • Develop research-centred partnerships creating public benefit.
  • Enhance and evaluate our environment for engaged practice in a holistic way.
  • Explore how we can engage more effectively with our important publics, including the next generations of researchers
  • Learn from our publics in our journey towards becoming fully engaged.