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The Engage Competition 2016 is now closed for entries. Our awards ceremony took place on 29th November 2016 in Bristol as part of the Engage Conference. Find out more about our finalists and award winners.

  • I entered my project for the NCCPE Engage Competition 2014, can I re-enter it this year?
    • Yes, you can enter the same project. However, significant progress must have been made since the 2014 application, and this needs to be evidenced on the application form.
  • Is my project good enough to enter the competition?
    • We’re looking forward to receiving applications covering public engagement with research projects from all disciplines, of any size, length and cost.
    • It might be helpful for you to read more about our competition finalists from 2014 and to read up about high quality public engagement on the NCCPE’s website.

    • In addition, we are able to offer a detailed feedback report to any applicants, which might be of interest to those who wish to build and improve on their project.
  • Are projects led by non-university organisations eligible?
    • The competition prize money must be paid to a UK HEI or Research Institute, and therefore the lead applicant for the competition should be a current member of staff or student at one of these institutions. However, the project may have been initiated or lead by another organisation, as long as it involved at least one UK HEI or Research Institute.
  • Are projects delivered outside of the UK eligible?
    • Yes, as long as they have involved or been led by a UK HEI or Research Institute. For example, one of our runner-up projects in 2014 was from researchers at the University of Bristol working with farmers in Botswana to improve livestock health.
  • I'm still in the planning stages - is my project eligible?
    • All competition entries must include some form of public engagement that has already taken place, whether this is a one-off activity or part of a ongoing, long-term programme. This is necessary as a key part of the application form covers the evaluation of your project.

  • Does my project need to be connected to a specific piece of research?
    • No, but it should involve public engagement with research or researchers in some way. We are hoping to receive and showcase entries from a diverse range of public engagement with research initiatives.
  • If I have any problems uploading files to the application form, can I email them to you instead?
    • Yes, if you have any problems uploading your project image or PDF letter of support, please instead email it to after you have submitted your application form. Please make sure you have included the name of the applicant in the title of the document.
    • Please note, we will not chase you for documents. Documents must be received by the competition deadline, otherwise your application will be marked as invalid. If you email us your documents we will reply to confirm receipt within one week.
  • When will the next chance to enter the Engage Competition be?
    • The competition is biannual, so the next opportunity to enter will be in 2018.