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University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow imageThe University of Glasgow has a long history in engaging the public with research having created Scotland’s first public museum over 200 years ago. The Hunterian museum shared the work and practise of researchers with the local community and today we carry on this proud tradition. The Catalyst Seed Fund comes at an ideal moment for The University of Glasgow, a period of rapid growth, reflection and future planning. The fund will be employed in three key strategic areas: Leadership, Inspiration and Development. 

Leadership: The fund will be used to support a new senior role for an academic who will become a voice, champion and leader of engagement at a management level. Additionally a Public Engagement Strategy group has been formed with representatives from across the University. This group will take a strategic overview of the Catalyst Seed Fund initiatives and the overall engagement landscape at Glasgow. The strategy group will report back to the Vice-Principal for Innovation and Knowledge Exchange ensuring the project and engagement has a voice at senior management level.

Inspiration: The fund will be used to profile excellence in public engagement to reward, inspire and share learning. It will raise the profile of those doing work in the area and showcase the best practise. A hard copy booklet will profile the success of People, Projects and Processes. We will also initiate Public Engagement awards seeking not only to raise the reward and recognition of engaged researchers but to inspire others by showcasing the benefits and pathways to engagement.

Development: The fund will foster a community of engaged researchers as well as raise knowledge and understanding around key concepts. The hosting of lunchtime seminars each of which will deal with a specific engagement topic will facilitate discussion and share best practise. These will culminate in an end of year conference where we will reflect on the Catalyst Seed Fund Period, inform direction of future ventures and allow networking and the sharing of experience.  

By targeting the three key areas will ensure The University of Glasgow takes a holistic approach to engagement such that all staff and students are supported, equipped and encouraged to engage wider society with their work. We will ensure legacy of the project through the lasting leadership and direction and the bringing together of people and networks to create a community of engagement across the University.