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SUPI Gathering 2015

SUPI Gathering 2015, Tuesday 3 November, 10.30am-5.30pm at Avonmouth House, London

Join SUPI colleagues on the quest for superb school-university partnerships

Building on the success of the 2014 Gathering, we look forward to welcoming you to a day packed with opportunities to network, share learning and engage in a lively exchange of ideas about how schools and universities can build successful, sustainable partnerships.

Our interactive programme will get to the heart of what schools and teachers want from engagements with university researchers and vice versa. Table discussions, a ‘show and tell’, and a variety of practical workshops will explore the features of effective partnerships from multiple perspectives. 

Who will this event be of interest to?

  • Participating schools – subject teachers/leads; Heads and Deputy Heads and transition co-ordinators (standard class travel expenses for up to two teachers per SUPI project will be reimbursed)
  • Host universities – Principal Investigators and academic leads; researchers; project co-ordinators; evaluators
  • Members of the SUPI Advisory Board and other organisations supporting school-university partnering 

Some feedback from last year's event:

  • “great to share ideas and learn about other organisations” (Lead Teacher)
  • “valuable and informative—great projects going on all over the UK” (Acting Deputy Head Teacher)
  • “The opportunity to debate and discuss issues and successes with other SUPIs was invaluable.” (Project Coordinator)


Further details

  • SUPI Gathering workshops: opportunity to pitch
    • We are inviting SUPIs and related school-university partnership organisations to propose workshop sessions for the 2015 SUPI Gathering.

    • At the 3 November SUPI Gathering we have 4 slots available for workshops. These will be 60 minutes long and take place during the afternoon. We want sessions that will be of interest to the full range of stakeholders attending the Gathering (coordinators, teachers, researchers, third parties involved in school-university partnership working) and are particularly interested in proposals that have a collaborative approach i.e. co-delivery by university and schools-based partners, or multiple SUPIs working together to share learning around a particular theme.

    • You are welcome to be creative in the structure and format of your proposed workshop, but we would expect there to be an opportunity for delegates to participate actively at some point during the session.

    • Examples of content that we would be interested in:
    • - Sharing innovative approaches to school-university partnership working.
    • - Sharing approaches to tackling key challenges e.g. SUPs within rural contexts, working towards sustainability.
    • - Highlighting research in this area and the implications for SUPs.
    • - Sharing/developing resources and tools.
    • - Knowledge exchange formats, drawing together approaches to e.g. evaluation, dissemination.
  • Show and Tell sessions
    • Over lunch SUPI projects will have the opportunity to share their work at a Show and Tell.

    • Each project will have an area where they can showcase their SUPI activities. You might want to bring some photos or SUPI 'artefacts', design a poster, demo a website, show a video, share some resources, or start a conversation with a couple of small table top activities. N.B. You will need to bring your own laptop/tablet to demonstrate online content - wi-fi is available.

    • In contrast to last year's Show and Tell, the stands will be available for the whole of the session (12.30-14.00). They can be set up on arrival (before a prompt kick off at 10.30) and will need to be packed away at 14.00. We recommend that you get a couple of members of your team to cover your 'stall' so that everyone has a chance to browse, network and eat lunch. 
  • Outline programme
    • 10.30-10.40 Welcome
    • 10.40-11.00 Questing questions
    • 11.00-11.20 Keynote - Becky Parker, Director, Institute for Research in Schools with Robert Appleby, Caitlin Cooke and Anna Evans
    • 11.20-12.30 Talking Toblerone
    • 12.30-14.00 Lunch and Show and Tell
    • 14.00-14.45 Stories that challenge and inspire
    • 14.45-15.45 Parallel workshop sessions I

    • Workshop A: ‘Perceptions of research: journeys to shared meaning’
    • Professor Kay Yeoman (UEA SUPI) and Dr Richard Watermeyer

    • If embedding research into the secondary school environment is a main SUPI aim, then we need to consider what we think research actually is. We need to know how our target audience perceive research, and what value they place on it, and if indeed they think they do research at all. We need to also consider how the term research is used in formal documents such as the National Curriculum and examination board specifications. We will also explore the use of frameworks to map SUPI activity, as well as examining the use of stakeholder interviews to examine SUPI impact.

    • Workshop B: ‘Online engagement: what works’

      Mary Jacob, Dr Paula Hughes and Dr Jo Hamilton (Aberystwyth SUPI), Dr Catherine Baxendale, Dr Jane Taylor, Dr Ann-Marie Houghton and Alison Wilkinson (Lancaster University SUPI)

      From Virtual Learning Environments to blogging, Skype and social media tools, there are a range of different technologies and online spaces that can help to support effective school-university partnership working. This interactive session will highlight what’s working for SUPI projects based at Aberystwyth University and Lancaster University, and explore the potential of different digital engagement methods in use across the SUPI network.

    • 15.50-16.50
      Parallel workshop sessions II

    • Workshop A: 'Gathering gems for the Evaluation Framework'

    • Join RCUK for a session that discusses capturing SUPI best evidence, including findings from an independent review of the 2014 evaluation framework responses, and identifies some of the ‘jewels’ that are particularly valuable in understanding SUPI work and in creating a treasure trove of evidence.

    • Workshop B: 'Mobilising research in schools'

    • Join the Brilliant Club and Becky Parker and pupils involved in the Institute for Research in Schools to explore different models of mobilising research in school settings, from researchers bringing their work into schools, to students themselves as researchers. 
    • 16.50-17.10 Completing your quests!
    • 17.10-17.30 Responses and reflections