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Welcome to the UK Community Partner Network

These pages have been written by members of the UK Community Partner Network (UKCPN). We are a network of people involved with community based organisations interested in working with universities to tackle social concerns and inequalities. We have found that partnering with universities can help us improve what we do and boost the impact we have. Plus we have important things to contribute to what universities do too. The network and this online space are all about sharing our learning to build resilient community university partnerships that make a difference.

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There’s lots of information throughout the site, but to help you get started, here are a few suggestions:

UKCPN iconYou’ve come across us already and want to sign up to our free mailing group? Fantastic – follow the link to our 'Mailing list' page and you’re sorted!

UKCPN iconWant to find out more about UKCPN and our origins? Head to our 'About UKCPN' pages, where you can find out who we are, our history, and details of previous events.

UKCPN iconYou just want some resources to help you work with universities? Seek out our 'Helpful stuff' section. It contains lots of ‘how to’ guides for partners at all stages of their involvement with universities, with links to case studies, news and blogposts.

UKCPN iconEvents are the thing you’re interested in? Go straight to our 'Events' page. Whether you want to find out what’s on in the next few months, publicise an event of your own, or find out about past events, it’s all here.

UKCPN iconYou’d like to get more involved with the network and its members? Perfect – you’ll find what you’re looking for in our 'Connect with us' section, everything from contributing to the site to hosting events and publicising the network.

There’s lots more we’d like to tell you – but you’ll find it as you start to explore the site! If there’s anything you’re looking for but can’t find, please drop us line by filling in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.