NERC Impact Development Programme

During our second workshop on 24th June, Dee-Ann Johnson Public Engagement Manager from the University of Manchester will be running a session on: Research grants – writing and costing for engagement and impact - focussing on understanding how to effectively resource engagement as a pathway to impact

In this session we will:

  • Discuss experiences and common challenges of costing public engagement
  • Explore examples of costing public engagement
  • Share ideas for sources of support, resources and tips for success

 In order for us to tailor this session, it would be really helpful if you could take a few minutes to fill out the following few questions.

Thanks in advance

On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is no experience and 5 is very experienced – how experienced are you in costing engagement activities in grant applications?

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey. This will help us tailor the research grants session.