Museum University Partnerships: Collaborations for Mutual Benefit, Birmingham 1st February 2018

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To support participation in this event, a limited number of travel bursaries (of up to £100) will be available on a first-come-first-served basis to delegates, with a particular focus of encouraging museum staff to attend. 

Bursaries can be used towards standard class travel and, where necessary, overnight accommodation. Original receipts will need to be submitted to claim.

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Your Contribution

There are a range of opportunities to be involved, from telling the story of your project and some of the challenges you've overcome; to hosting a workshop; convening a discussion; or participating as a panellist or speaker. You can volunteer to take part in as many different ways as you would like - and we would appreciate your flexibility where possible, so that we can ensure a rich and well-balanced programme.

We are delighted that you would like to contribute to this skills sharing event. Please provide details of your proposed contribution below.

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Additional facilitators

Please use this section to add the details of anyone else who will be involved in delivering your contribution, making sure that the additional facilitators also register for the event. We are keen to encourage participation from representatives on both sides of the museum-university partnership where possible, although we acknowledge the challenges of doing so.