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Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy (GEPES) - event registration

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), working in partnership with the Wellcome Genome Campus (WGC), has been funded by Wellcome to deliver the Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy (GEPES) programme. The goal is to develop innovation and collective impact in public engagement within genome editing. We aim to bring together those with experience of engaging (or supporting others to engage) the public in genome editing and related fields, to synthesise learning, create tools to be shared, and to encourage high quality public engagement.

The first GEPES event is scheduled for 26th October 2017 at Wellcome, Euston Road, London between 11am and 4pm.

If you are able to attend please complete the event registration form below:

Please note – places at session 2 will be prioritised to those who have contributed to the call for evidence. Please submit any evidence by 9th October.
Please note: Session 1 - we invite anyone with an interest in this project to join us to find out more, and to contribute ideas as to how to ensure the project delivers effective outcomes. Session 2 - is aimed specifically at people who have experience of engaging the public with genome editing (and related fields). This session will seek to bring people together to discuss their experiences around specific topics (e.g. working with A level students; public dialogue), to discuss any current challenges, and, where possible, to synthesise learning into a set of top tips or a resource to help others working to engage the public with genome editing. If you plan on attending both sessions, please select both options below
A comprehensive UK map highlighting existing public engagement activity
A framework to help elicit collective learning about public engagement with genome editing, including public attitudes to this area
Recommendations for the future of public engagement with genome editing
Resources for those wanting to engage including toolkits, guides and case studies
Training modules to support researchers and public engagement professionals seeking to engage the public with genome editing