Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy (GEPES) - call for evidence

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), working in partnership with the Wellcome Genome Campus (WGC), has been funded by Wellcome to deliver the Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy (GEPES) programme. The goal is to develop innovation and collective impact in public engagement within genome editing. We aim to bring together those with experience of engaging (or supporting others to engage) the public in genome editing and related fields, to synthesise learning, create tools to be shared, and to encourage high quality public engagement.

To assist in the development of the ‘What Works’ sessions and synthesising learning, we invite you to complete our contributor form on the next page, by completing any of relevant boxes. In order for evidence to be synthesised ahead of the event on 26th October, please submit by 9th October.

Please note, we plan to synthesise the learning from contributions during the ‘What Works’ event and will credit contributors when their work is included in the toolkit. We will share the outputs from this work under a creative commons licence – where people can make use of the resource for non-commercial educational purposes, as long as they credit where it came from. If you are happy for your content to be used in this way please click next page. If not, or for further information please email who will be pleased to help.

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