Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy - Event registration

The Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy (GEPES) workshop will be taking place on the 31st July, 2018 between 10:00am - 4:30pm at Wellcome Collection, London. 

This event will follow on from the event in October 2017 and will provide an opportunity to share ideas, news and resources and to invite your input into key aspects of the GEPES work, and to look collectively at next steps. 

A full agenda will be circulated prior to the event. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with 

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Session choices

During the morning session of the event you have the option of choosing to attend one of two sessions. Please indicate your preference below. Please note that the programme may be subject to change depending on numbers of participants.
During the afternoon of the event you will have the opportunity to attend 1 of 3 sessions. Please rank the below sessions in order of preference, where 1 is your first choice, 2 is your second choice and 3 is your third choice. Please note, places are limited to each session, and therefore you may not be able to attend your first choice.
Evaluating our work – come and test out a draft approach to evaluating public engagement with genome editing. Get support for evaluating your work, understanding your publics, and assessing the outcomes from your engagement, and help us build a resource to support us to evaluate what we do.
Developing a national conversation - a round table discussion exploring if and how to develop a national conversation around genome editing. Specifically focused on organisations keen to collaborate on developing an approach – this session will explore purpose; participants (including publics and partners); potential approaches; and next steps.
Developing training for engaging with new scientific developments - have you got great ideas about how to train others to engage with genome editing? Do you want to share tips about how to equip others to engage well? This workshop is ideal to do just that.
Please use the below space to provide details on why you chose your first preference session. For example, is there something you feel you could contribute to the session? Or is this an area you feel you want to learn more about?

Please note - we will confirm which sessions you have been allocated to in advance of the event and where necessary will send preparatory paper work to support the content of the session.

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