Futures for Public Engagement

Networking opportunities organised by the National Forum for Public Engagement with STEM.
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The pandemic has had a major impact on public engagement activity across all sectors. It continues to present extraordinary challenges and uncertainty, but it is also presenting opportunities to learn, rethink our approaches and inform new futures for public engagement.

This second part of a two-part networking event is designed to help us take stock and reconnect with each other around our collective priorities. This event will be taking place online on the 1st of March 13.30 – 15.00.

The first event took place on the 10th of February. The first event allowed us to take a collective breath and take stock of our experiences over the last two years. Table discussions included: (i) the evaluation of PE using digital methods, (ii) Disruptions to partnerships as a result of the pandemic, (iii) Future funding for infrastructure and (iv) Evidence-based development and culture change. A short report on proceedings will follow.

Following the first event, we have updated the agenda for the second meeting. The focus of the second meeting is the future and our collective priorities.

Items for discussion include:

  • What are our top priorities moving forward, and how have these been informed by the lessons learned over the last two years?
  • What futures are we imagining for public engagement? What new approaches are emerging?
  • How can we better direct our resources to help build the future we want to see?
  • What support do we need from each other?

To get the most from these two events, we suggest attendees either have responsibility for and oversight of public engagement as a key part of their role (including freelancers) or take formal and informal responsibility for championing and embedding public engagement across their organisation and community.

Registration for this event has now closed. If you would like to sign up please contact jack.kerrigan@uwe.ac.uk.

The event is being convened by the National Forum for Public Engagement with STEM.

About the National Forum for Public Engagement with STEM

The National Forum for Public Engagement with STEM was set up in 2014 to help its members identify and address known sector-wide issues that can’t be solved by people working in isolation, and that requires concerted and collaborative effort over the long term. The Forum provides a space for key funders and organisations involved in setting the national agenda for public engagement in STEM to identify and work together on strategic issues with the wider STEM Engagement community where collective action can assert system-wide change. Find out more about the National Forum for Public Engagement with STEM.