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We help universities engage with the public

Benefits for universities

Public engagement can make a long term and strategic impact on your institution.

We've distilled some of the growing body of evidence that demonstrates the tangible impact that engagement can create. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the full supporting fact sheets. 

It enriches the institution's research, teaching and learning

Interaction with the public can demonstrably improve the quality of work undertaken in higher education institutions (HEIs). Not only do the public challenge, enrich and broaden academic thinking, but projects that have been defined and researched in partnership with the public invariably result in greater impact and relevance. Engagement can also enrich the curriculum in numerous ways.

It helps institutions to demonstrate accountability in a climate of increasing scrutiny

Universities and research institutes receive billions of pounds of public money. Society and politicians are increasingly prepared to challenge investment in public services. Through public engagement, the sector can demonstrate its openness, transparency and accountability and ensure that there is well-informed debate and dialogue about future investment.

It strengthens and enriches the university's brand and identity, and can increase public appreciation and support for higher education and for research

People are cynical about old fashioned marketing and branding. They increasingly base their judgements on personal experience and on the views of their trusted peers. Public engagement demonstrates a university's willingness to listen and to change, and can provide a safe space for dialogue and debate, meeting a demand for authentic and stimulating experiences. In the process it helps to build genuine understanding and appreciation of the sector.