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The University of Manchester has applied for a Public Engagement Watermark.

Acting in a similar way to a chartermark – the watermark is an award granted to institutions for strategic support for public engagement with research, and a commitment to improve the support offered by the institution. Just as a watermark runs through the fabric of a document, the watermark indicates that engagement runs through the fabric of the institution.

We would be grateful if you would complete the following survey to share how well you think the University of Manchester supports public engagement. The survey will take around 5-10 minutes, depending on how much information you choose to contribute. All the questions are optional, so feel free to leave any blank.

The results of this survey will be synthesised and considered alongside the other sources of evidence. This will inform the level of award granted to the University of Manchester, as well as providing useful intelligence to improve their support for public engagement.

Data Protection and Consent

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The information you submit will be published as part of a report, but confidentiality and anonymity will be maintained and no individual will be identifiable from any publications. By consenting, you agree that your non-personal research data may be used by others for future research. You are assured that the confidentiality of your personal data will be upheld through the removal of any identifiers.

Please see our Privacy Notice for further information on how your personal data will be processed.

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