Engage Live: COVID-19 considerations and cancellation policy

COVID-19 considerations and cancellation policy

The decision to run an in-person element of the conference was made in light of feedback from participants. Whilst we welcome the inclusivity of online conferences, we recognise that for some, in-person events offer a more inclusive experience. We have listened to people in our sector who have expressed an interest in meeting in-person again, to network, share ideas and stories, and build momentum and action for change. By offering the conference both in-person and online we hope to cater for the various interests and needs of our delegates.

We remain committed to the health and wellbeing of conference attendees, venue staff, NCCPE staff and the wider community. We recognise that we are still living alongside Covid-19, and therefore have put in place the following measures for the in-person elements of the event.

  • If you are showing signs of and/ or have tested positive for Covid-19 please do not attend the in-person event. Your in-person event ticket will be refunded, and you can participate in the conference online
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the venue
  • Outdoor eating options are available for those wishing to eat outdoors (please bring a coat and umbrella)
  • We welcome the wearing of masks, and will provide them at the venue. You are welcome to bring your own with you
  • If the situation changes, we may have to cancel the in-person element of the event, and move the whole conference online, as detailed below

Why would we cancel the in-person aspects of the event?

If the government were to put the country, or areas of the country into lockdown, all in-person events, including our conference, would be cancelled.

In addition, the in-person elements may be cancelled in response to prevailing conditions in the run-up to the conference, on the advice of the NCCPE’s host universities.

Finally, we anticipate the Engage Live conference being popular. However, if there are limited bookings for Engage Live we may offer it as an online event instead.

Where possible, notice of cancellation of the in-person elements of the event will be made at least 4 weeks in advance. If the in-person elements of the event is cancelled, delegates will be able to attend the event online. This will be on the 7th December, and follow the same timetable.

In the event of cancellation of the in-person elements of the event, delegates will receive a refund of £75 +VAT for Early Bird Tickets and £85 +VAT for Full Price Tickets. Please note, we are unable to refund travel costs if the in-person event is cancelled.