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Case study submission form

Please use this form to submit your case study. Case studies should be written in the third person and should use the NCCPE’s tone of voice: passionate, informal, plain speaking, informed, open minded and respectful. NCCPE will edit the case study to maintain the house style, and send you a link to the website once published for checking.
Please keep this short and snappy!
A maximum of 2 organisations can be listed here, any others can be included in the ‘partnerships’ section (see below).
Please give a brief outline of your project. This will introduce your project to the reader so needs to contain the key information and draw them in to read more! (250 words)
What was your project aiming to achieve? What were your intentions? (150)
Who were the intended audience of the engagement activity? Please be as specific as you can, i.e. please avoid ‘general public’. (150 words)
What was the motivation for starting the project? What were your first steps? Who was involved? (200 words)
Please outline any partnerships that were key to the project. Please give details of how these partnerships were established, and what practical measures you took to maintain them. (250 words)
What actually was your activity? What public engagement methods/techniques did you use? (250 words)
What methods did you use to evaluate your project? What were some of the findings (good and bad) and what did you change as a result of this feedback? (200 words)
What didn’t go so well? What would you change should you run your project again? (200 words)
What would be your top tips for running a successful engagement activity? What worked really well for you? What advice would you offer others thinking of running a similar activity? (200 words)
Please provide an image that is copyright cleared to go with your case study.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Please use this box to tell us anything about your project that's not already been covered.