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Case Studies

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Passengerfilms is a cultural enterprise, founded and run by volunteer PhD students, which aims to bring hot topics from cultural geography to the film-going public in London. Interactive monthly events combine feature screenings and short films with brief think tanks, drinks and networking.

Junk the Jargon

This competition challenged early career researchers from all disciplines to communicate their research topic to a general audience in just 3 minutes

Images of Research

A competition at Manchester Science Festival exhibiting images of research taking place at the University of Manchester, showing how research has impact and meaning for all of us

Prioritise People in Design

Engineering students in Trinity College Dublin took part in a “Service Learning” module, investigating and designing innovative solutions to everyday difficulties relating to Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)


A student-led project to help the community express themselves in creative ways while gaining a sense of achievement, pride and confidence.

Practical Piracy

Practical Piracy is a series of workshops led by post-graduate researchers from the University of Warwick to engage children with their research in a fun and engaging manner.

Magnets, Ducks and Superconductors

To inspire careers in science and engineering, to inform with examples of the impact of science and engineering in society, to enquire into motivations and rewards for people in science and engineering.

Integrating Public Engagement into the Curriculum

The aim of the project was to integrate training in the principles of PE into a final year undergraduate module. The students learned about the aims, value and roles of PE in HE, and then applied what they had learned in a final PE event aimed at the University of the Third Age.