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The engaged university of the future

To mark the launch of our Engaged Futures report, Simon Whittemore, Head of Change - Enterprise at Jisc, presents us with a botanical vision for the future of the engaged university.

Anyone for a delicious slice of pineapple upside-down cake?

Pineapple upside down cake
Dr Ornette D Clennon, an NCCPE Public Engagement Ambassador and Visiting Enterprise Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University , indulges us with a cake metaphor as he shares his visions of a new academic practice where public and community...

The Human Brain

Zeiss microscopy
How do you see the future for engaged universities? Dr Kerry Leslie, Head of Public Engagement with Research for Research Councils UK, imagines the engaged university being as awe-inspiring and engaging as the human brain. Being an optimistic person...

Public engagement with research: making sense of the diversity

Sandy Oliver, Professor of Public Policy at the Institute of Education, compares engagement to a thriving cottage industry and proposes a framework to help us to learn from different approaches, and to develop more effective engaged practice...

Grand Challenges of the 21st Century

Paul Benneworth, senior researcher at the University of Twente, explores how new forms of collaboration are essential if we are to find ways of tackling the huge societal challenges that the future will bring. Clearly the greatest issues that...

No more flares (and I don’t mean trousers or do I?!)

Simon Denegri, Chair of Involve, tells a cautionary parable as he exhorts universities to create cultures supportive of engagement. The sea rose on its haunches and beckoned them to look aloft. The flare rose, then splintered against the pale...

Tackling the ‘Wicked Issues’

Yellow brick road
The Future of University/Public Engagement and Social Justice? What might the engaged university of the future be like? In the latest Engaged Futures blog, Sharon Clancy, Head of Community Partnerships at The University of Nottingham, dreams of Oz...

Whose ‘public good’ does engaged research serve?

Keri Facer, Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol, explores how universities need to address inequalities in society through a more holistic approach, if the promise of engagement is to be realised. The last two...

An energetic dance

In the next in our series of guest blogs on the future of the engaged university, Kim Aumann (Boing Boing) envisions the future as a dance between equal partners committed to making a positive difference. Getting there will require significant...

Engaged University – Engaged Research

Coiled rope
This is the third in our series of guest blogs on the future of the engaged university. Steven Hill, head of policy at the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and former head of strategy at Research Councils UK makes the case for...