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Deadinburgh: Two Years On

Deadinburgh was an NCCPE Engage Competition award winner in 2014, winning the STEM category.

CAER Heritage: Two Years On

CAER Heritage project volunteers
CAER Heritage was an NCCPE Engage Competition award winner in 2014, winning both the History & Heritage and Overall categories.

Focus On The Positive at UCL

Focus On The Positive was an NCCPE Engage Competition award winner in 2014, winning in the Collaboration category.


CAER Heritage Project community digs are nothing if not ground-breaking (no pun intended) but this time...

Not just a dig

CAER Heritage project image
Last week I had the privilege of visiting the CAER Heritage Project in Cardiff. Many of you will know that the project won the overall prize in our public engagement with research competition last year. I went to catch up with the CAER team a year on to see what they were up to.

Be curious...!

Aidan Wong and Aidan Robson (Year 9) from Greenfield Community College, Newton Aycliffe tell us about their experience of coming to the Engage 2014 conference to share the 'What if' project with delegates.

Putting the heart into engagement

Heart image
Following the NCCPE's public engagement with research competition, Becci (NCCPE) reflects on what it means to put the heart into engagement.

Innovative? Or just new to me?

As we usher in the New Year, Sophie Duncan, Deputy Director of the NCCPE , explores what innovation really means. Does public engagement always have to be innovative and 'new'? I got into an interesting discussion recently about what innovative...

CAER Heritage Project

Winners at Engage competition
Providing a national opportunity to recognise and celebrate public engagement with research across the UK, the Engage Competition 2014 received a fantastic 230 entries. From inspiring young people with new advances in knowledge, to encouraging members of the public to contribute to research, the competition has shown university public engagement to be thriving. In this blog we take a look at the overall winner, the CAER Heritage Project.

Engage Competition 2014 awards ceremony

Winners at Engage competition
The NCCPE team report on exciting afternoon at the Engage Competition 2014 awards ceremony. After an action-packed afternoon, we’re thrilled to announce the winners of our Engage Competition 2014 . The awards ceremony, held at the Natural History...