Engage 2019

Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th December 2019 in Bristol

Engage is the NCCPE's annual conference, providing an opportunity for all those interested in public engagement in higher education to come together, to be inspired, challenged and refreshed.

Engage 2019 will take place on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th December at the City Marriott Hotel in Bristol.

Our call for contributions is now closed. For any enquiries, please contact maddy.foard@uwe.ac.uk.

Engage 2019: Disruption

For many public engagement is an opportunity to disrupt current ways of thinking and doing. However, as engagement becomes an increasingly familiar part of the higher education landscape, is it really delivering its potential?

Join us at Engage 2019 where we will open up a discussion about disruption, in our universities, our research, our futures and our lives.  

Engage 2019 will reflect on the current contexts for engagement in a world that is increasingly fragmented; where social inequality deepens; where we are facing the consequences of our collective activity on the planet; and where we need to find more effective ways to address the challenges that face us all. All of this in a setting where the future of university funding is increasingly unpredictable, and where traditional paradigms of knowledge and knowledge production are being challenged from all sides.

Is our current approach to ‘public engagement’ adequate to meet these challenges, or do we need a step change in how we understand, lead and deliver a truly ‘engaged’ higher education sector?

Engage 2019 will pose these questions:

  • What is the role of universities in 21st century society? What do these profound changes mean for how universities work and who they work with? Should they reimagine their societal role, being open to disrupt and be disrupted?

  • To what extent do universities truly understand their people and their place? How can they gain deeper understandings that would foster more intelligent ways of engaging? What are the barriers to participation and whose responsibility is it to remove them? How open are they to learn to work differently?

  • What can we learn from different cultures, contexts and approaches?Where has disruption led to better outcomes, and how has this happened? Can disruption be a useful force for change, or are there more effective ways to see change happen?

Ticket information

Bookings for Engage 2019 will open on Monday 9th September. Ticket prices are as follows:


Full price Early Bird (until 30th September)

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Concession Early Bird (until 30th September)

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Concessions are tickets are available for delegates from non-HEI community and charitable organisations.

Further information

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For any enquiries, contact maddy.foard@uwe.ac.uk