Dig Where We Stand: Developing and Sustaining Community Heritage

University College London

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UCL’s AHRC Community Heritage Research Development grant

Project synopsis

Drawing inspiration from the History Workshop slogan “Dig Where You Stand”, we believe that a community’s sense of itself and place rests on an understanding of its past. Based on existing work in community archaeology, community archives, oral history, public geography, community film and digital heritage, we appreciate the profound impact that history and heritage can have in sustaining communities, understanding change and diversity, and enhancing the quality of life of those who participate in heritage activities.  Building on past and continuing collaborations, our team is committed to an equitable partnership model of working  on community heritage, sharing knowledge and expertise to develop and sustain broad participation (particularly amongst young people) in a wide range of heritage activities.

This project brings together a team of named researchers (see below) from UCL with expertise in community archaeology, community archives, museum collections, public history, oral history, film studies, geography, the use of digital technologies in engaging the public in community heritage, and is actively supported by a number of heritage and community partners. The strength of this team lies not only in this breadth of disciplinary knowledge but also in the extensive experience that individual members already have in community heritage and public engagement activities.

Working with the AHRC and HLF (the All Our Stories fund) our overall aims are to:

  • make the community history resources and expertise located within UCL available to a wider audience
  • deepen existing and establishing new partnerships with community groups
  • explore the benefits of combining different branches of community heritage (notably community archives and community archaeology alongside digital humanities)
  • and seek to encourage the participation of young people in community heritage activities.

We look forward to meeting and working with people with an interest in any and all aspects of community history and heritage.

UCL team members

Dr Andrew Flinn, Principal investigator (archives, community archives, oral history) a.flinn@ucl.ac.uk

Sarah Dhanjal, Reseacher (community archaeology and public engagement) s.dhanjal@ucl.ac.uk

Dr Kris Lockyear (archaeology)

Dr Gabriel Moshenska (archaeology)

Dr Lee Grieveson (film studies)

Dr Louise Martin (archaeology)

Dr Melissa Terrras (digital humanities)

Dr Caroline Bressey (public geography)

James Hales (conservation)

Dr Debbie Challis (Adult Learning Officer, Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology)

If interested you are welcome to approach team members individually for advice, etc but if you have a general question or want to talk to the team about collaboration please contact Andrew or Sarah in the first instance.

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